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  • General Food Technology (2SWS)
  • Enzyme Technology (2SWS)
  • Technology of Fats and Oils (1SWS)
  • Innovative Technologies for Foods (2SWS)
  • Wine Technology (2SWS)
  • Chemistry and Technology of Sugars and Alkaloid-containing foods (2SWS)
  • Potato Products (1SWS)
  • Food Legislation (2SWS)
  • Applied Organic Chemistry (3SWS)
  • Food Chemistry (2SWS)
  • Recent Topics in Nutrition Research

Laboratory Courses

  • Food Chemistry I (Basic Analytical Techniques) (5SWS)
  • Food Chemistry I Seminar
  • Food Chemistry II (Advanced Analytical Techniques) (5SWS)
  • Wine Technology
  • Beverage Analysis (SS)
  • Beverage Analysis Seminar
  • Food Technology
  • Food Science (Analytical Techniques)
  • Advanced Food Science (Aroma Analysis)
  • Integrated Lectures Nutrition Science
  • Food Chemistry for Nutritionists


  • Recent Topics in Nutrition Research (SS, WS, 2SWS)
  • Seminar Scientific Staff (WS, SS)


  • Wine Technology
  • Bavarian Authority for Health and Food Safety (LGL)