EU Projects

Framework Program 7

  • "Flavours, additives and food contact materials exposure task" (FACET)

One part of the project – laid down in Work package 2.1 – is to determine the exposure of flavouring substances. This is done by (i) collecting information into a database from the evaluation opinions released by competent authorities and (ii) quantitative analytical determinations. These data will help to assess uncertainties of occurrences and concentrations in foods which represent a central role for the safety assessment of flavouring substances in foods. In this context we work closely with the National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition (INRAN).

Framework Program 6

  • "Quantitative risk assessment strategies for novel foods" (NOFORISK)
  • "Promoting food safety through a new integrated risk analysis approach for foods" (SAFE FOODS)

Framework Program 5

  • "New methods for the safety testing of transgenic food" (SAFOTEST)
  • "European network on safety assessment of genetically modified food rops" (ENTRANSFOOD)

Graduierten-Kolleg der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft

  • Interface functions of the intestine between luminal factors and host signals (Link)